TPR / TR ( Thermo Plastic Rubber ) Compound

The year 2006-2007 brings landmark in the history of SWASTIK POLYMERS as commencing & launching of S-FLEX TPR & TR COMPOUNDS.  TPR & TPE compounds are based on the Chemistries of SBC Block Co-polymers, SEBS, SIS formulated with highly engineered dosages of specific additives package on Modern Processing equipments under strict quality control.

SWASTIK POLYMERS TPR products perform like RUBBERS and are easily processed like THERMOPLASTICS .

SWASTIK POLYMERS S-FLEX comes in a variety of grades having good equilibirum between physical and mechanical properties covering a wide shore A hardness.

Our S-FLEX product range comprises of various grades of TPR/TR Compounds suitable & formulated individually for customers.  Like Transparent, Translucent, Glossy Finish, Matt Finish, Medium Matt Finish, General Purpose Economical Grade etc….

S-FLEX TPR/TR Compounds can be used for footwear application like Shoe Soles, Safety Shoes, Industrial Shoes, Sports Shoes & Automotive Segment like Gaskets, Seals, Tubing, Bushing, Floormat, Profiles & many more application..
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(Thermo Plastic Rubber)

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