PVC Compounds

SWASTIK POLYMERS, one of the pioneers in Compounding industry in India, offers widest range of PVC Compounds. The Compounds are formulated & manufactured in the most modern machines available in the industry, meeting national & international standards, with extensive quality checks at each point.
The PVC Compound is widely used in footwear industry like slippers, soles, straps & components,
wire and cable industry and pipe industry etc

We produce the following special grades of PVC Compounds.

•  PVC Compact Compound
•  PVC Micro Blown Compound
•  PVC Transparent Compound
•  PVC Nitrile Compound
•  PVC Air Blown Compound etc….

NITRILE (NBR) PVC BLEND MASTERBATCHES : THE NBR MASTER BATCH are  based upon  blends of PVC resins and Nitrile Rubber. These Elastomeric MASTERBATCHES  provide outstanding resistance to hydrocarbons and oils, offer excellent weatherability, and are an economical alternative to thermoset rubber and other more costly thermoplastic elastomers.
> TPR / TR
(Thermo Plastic Rubber)

> Colour MasterBatches

> PVC Compounds

> EVA Injection Moulding
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