EVA Injection Moulding Compounds

Expansion ranging from 130% - 170% & Tailor Made

EVA Compounds are especially developed for injection Moulding cross-linked EVA foams. They are suitable for injection Moulding of high quality slippers, sandles, Mid. Sole, complete boot, toys, automobiles component, house hold goods etc…

Compounds based on EVA (ethyl-vinyl acetate), expandable and cross  linkable; modified with thermoplastic elastomers and rubbers to improve softness, soft touch and matt finish (imitation of vulcanized rubber) with excellent aesthetics.

At SWASTIK POLYMERS, the best part of EVA Compounding is that it is a suitable blend of formulation from Europe & Asia.

All the raw materials needed to manufacture EVA Compounds are sourced directly in bulk basis from best of the world manufacturers.

Our whole emphasis is to provide to the customer the best of the compound with the exact expansion ratio & maintaining all the physical & technical properties & characteristics intact.

Our latest innovation with the collaboration of Italian technology in the field of EVA Compounding is about introducing
SWASTIK-SOFT EVA COMPOUNDS. This is  flexible, rubber touch & soft feeling EVA Compound for better comfort, anti-skid, oil resistant, weather resistant, anti-agening & non plastic feeling.

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